Saramonic Blink500 Pro B2


  • For Videographers, Journalists, Vloggers
  • 2 x Omni Lav Mics & Built-In Omni Mics
  • 2 Ultracompact Clip-On Pro Transmitters
  • Ultracompact Dual-Channel Pro Receiver

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    With a slew of pro-level features, the Blink 500 Pro appeals to the needs of power users around the globe. Though it shares the same 2.4 GHz operating frequency and miniscule physicality as standard Blink 500, the Blink 500 Pro is packed with surprising enhancements

    • 60% longer battery life
    • Double the operating range
    • Dual-slot charging case for simultaneous fast-charging of the receiver and transmitter
    • Crisp, informative OLED screens
    • Separate 3.5mm main and headphone receiver outputs
    • Selectable mono or stereo receiver output mode
    • 3.5mm transmitter input accepts mic- or line-level signal
    • Tactile transmitter mute function
    • Increased signal-to-noise ratio
    • Elevated sensitivity for the transmitter’s built-in microphone
    • Furry windscreen for transmitter, ideal for outdoor use